Pastors & Staff

Jason Williams

Senior Pastor

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Evangelist, Faith, Leadership
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Vision & Multi-Campus Development, Leadership Training, Teaching, & Writing Content

Brian Dicicco

Shepherding and Connection Pastor - Elizabethtown Campus

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Shepherding, Administration, Exhortation
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Pastoral care & Teaching, Visitor Follow-up & Connection, Outreach & Church Ministry Coordinator.

Austin Smith

Shepherding Pastor - Lumberton Campus & Released Time Co-Director

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Shepherding, Teaching, Mercy
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Pastoral Care & Teaching, Visitor Follow-up & Connection, Outreach Coordinator & RT Director

Brad Wilt

Youth Pastor

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Teaching, Helps, Word of Wisdom
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Organize Youth Ministries & Leaders, Empower Youth to Serve God & Share their Faith, and Assist in BDRT construction needs.

Jessica Williams

Stewardship Facilitator

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Discernment, Teaching, Word of Knowledge
CORE RESPONSIBILITES: Bookkeeper, Ladies Ministry Organizer

Lindsey Dicicco

Creative Arts

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Mercy, Helping, Administration
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Manage all design needs, Recruit leaders to enhance our creative arts experience

gabrielle Smith

Foundation Kids & Administrative Assistant  - Lumberton Campus & Released Time Co-Director

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Serving, Administration
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop Vision & Plans for the Children's Ministry in Lumberton, Assist in Data Collection, Marketing, & Creative Arts, Help Organize RT

kellye hales

Foundation Kids - Elizabethtown Campus & Educare Coordinator

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Hospitality, Giving, Teaching
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop Vision & Plans for the Children's Ministry & Educare, Organize & Recruit Leaders.

morgan Smith

Bladen Disaster Recovery Team Coordinator & Administrative Assistant - Elizabethtown Campus

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Service, Leadership, Administration
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Content Creator & Editor, BDRT Organizer, Creative Arts Support

Lauren hester

Worship Ministry Coordinator

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Leadership, Mercy
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Organize Contemporary Worship Experiences, Recruit & Develop Musicians, Vocalists, etc.

lindsay lee

Vision Fund Coordinator

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Administration, Service, Faith, Healing, Giving
CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop Vision for Capital Campaign Growth, Provide Accounting & Communication with the Church for the Vision Fund, and Lead in Organizing Prayer Gatherings.